Mobile App Development – Shotspot


We’re proud to announce that we’ll be launching Shotspot on April the 2nd 2015 – the mobile app development has already started. Shotspot is a crowdsourcing photo-sharing app targeted to photographers or anyone looking for places to take stunning pictures. Growing up in the city, it can be very difficult to discover beauty besides from all the man-made structures around us making inspiration hard to come by. Our mission is to provide our community with quality photographs of any area of their choice.

Photographers are creative people, so we have taken a lot of our time to make our app as attractive and simple as possible, and tried to stick to as many design guidelines as we can to ensure we provide our users with a wonderful user experience.

We concentrated on what people look at when deciding on a place to take photos. Our core feature is tagging each photo to a location on a map, users will not be able to post pictures without providing a location. That’s our flagship feature, and with that feature comes others that consolidate it like:

  • What time was the photo taken
  • Condition of the weather when the photo was taken
  • Type of camera used
  • Type of lens
  • and many more..

Our Mobile App Development team plans to launch the app on the Google Play store. Unfortunately only the first 1000 will be able to download the app during the contest weeks. The rest of our users will have to get an invite from someone who already has the app.

We’ll be hosting 2 photo contests in celebration of our launch.  We will print the winners’ photos and mount them on a 60x90cm canvas, as well as featuring them in our blog.

Further Information
App name: Shotspot
Category: Photography
Launch Date: 2 April 2017
Platforms: Android (iOS coming soon)