Send files the new way using an Android app

Today’s technology filled era is wrapping itself around us like ivy, where we can buy nearly every item on the internet, find jobs sitting in homes, build houses while staring at a glass screen, maybe find our much-needed dose of entertainment. As technology becomes much more sophisticated, to send files on different devices also becomes sophisticated.

Where birthdays and wedding are attended sitting on a revolving chair and sending digital greetings, where there are websites for trivial things and where there’s an app for everything. We welcome you to the era of Internet and the world of digital apps. Where Snapjack is one such app made only for your assistance and ease.

Nowadays, when 24 hours are just not enough for us and doing things the shortest or may I add “laziest” way possible is trending, Snapjack App makes it easy and simple to transfer files between your phone and personal computer (PC) or in between phone to phone. No cables are required, no pairing, no drivers, or any kind of installment of any kind of software on your PC for the transferring of files. This also solves the restriction on mobile devices of sending files between two devices that are incompatible. It also doesn’t need any kind of wire attachment between your phone and your PC.

The developers of the app go by the name of “Appchemy” which is a full-service application development house that specializes in developing custom mobile applications on all mobile platforms including Android, Blackberry, Blackberry 10, iOS, S40, J2me, and Windows Phone.

The Snapjack app page on Android is also well designed and helpful for any person who is not familiar with its function or usage. It helps its users to get a better picture of how the app works with graphical as well as descriptive representation.

The app also has a very potential rating of 4.8 stars out of five, given the fact that it is a recent development and not as old as other useful apps on Android Operating System. The last update of the app was on 26th March 2016 and has an updated version of 1.3.1.

To access the wonders of this app, either launch the app on your mobile device or go to the website and send files easily. The process apart from launching the mobile app is as simple as selecting the file and scanning the QR code on the website. The file will be sent to your PC without a hint of trouble. Anything, be it a newfound company, a retail store or as simple as a file transferring app needs encouraging comments and positive criticism from those benefiting from it. This feedback can have both good and bad effects on the nourishment of the particular task.

We are very pleased to say that reviews about the Snapjack app are heartwarming which include positive and supportive feedback from its users who send files. So, install the app right away in your mobile devices, make your life super easy and start transferring your files without interruption, viruses or internet glitches. We assure you it will be worth your while.

Happy Installing.